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Welcome to Leading Tech, my newsletter focused on helping you become a more effective engineering leader and product manager.

My goal is to provide you with practical insights and strategies that you can apply in your day-to-day work to drive innovation and success.

In each issue, I share tips, expert interviews, and analyses of the latest trends and challenges in the tech industry.

Leading Tech has something for you, whether you're a software engineer looking to transition into leadership or a seasoned CTO.

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Insights and perspectives on engineering leadership

As a reader of Leading Tech, you can expect to gain actionable advice and real-world examples to help you become a more effective technology leader. From managing teams and projects to driving innovation and growth, I cover topics relevant to tech workers at all levels.

Effective software engineering techniques for sustainable development.

Building software in a sustainable way is crucial for the long-term success of any tech company. In Leading Tech, I cover effective software engineering techniques and best practices that can help you build scalable, maintainable, and sustainable software without needing a large team of software engineers.

Insights on emerging technologies and their impact on the industry.

The tech industry constantly evolves, and staying ahead of the curve requires keeping up with the latest emerging technologies. In Leading Tech, I share insights on emerging technologies and their potential impact on the industry, giving you a head start on the latest trends and innovations.

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